“A Winning Team”

     Building a winning team applies to business as much as it does to athletics.  Developing a standard for excellence that every employee buys into is crucial to creating a winning company, or nursery.  I’m so proud to be part of an incredible team here at Little Prince.  Since we began in 1997, we’ve been dedicated to growing premium plants.  We focus on unsurpassed quality and customer service.  These values, in turn, contribute to your success.
We have some exciting things happening here that are going to help further define Little Prince as a ‘perennial’ champion.  I’ve posted pictures this week of our new shipping facility, which will increase efficiency and help us process orders faster than ever.  We hope to be using this new area by February 15th.
As I mentioned last week, Ryan is in Africa on day 3 of a climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.  He should summit this weekend and be back down off the mountain a day and half later.  Following the climb, he will trekking through the Serengeti on a safari.  Cameras only, of course.  Follow his adventures on Facebook.
For those of you who buy liners to grow your own finished plants, this is the perfect time to order beautiful, robust liners from Little Prince.  You can order direct, or through your favorite broker.  We fit 4 trays per box in most cases, and ship boxes all over the country.  Delta Air Cargo is a cheap, fast way of moving boxes cross country if you are close to a major airport and don’t mind picking them up.
I’m off to install windows on the new building.  Thanks for reading and I hope your week is wonderful!



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