A Word From The Trenches…

     I think I can make a persuasive argument that being in a trench is never a good thing.  It’s true that being in a trench during war was preferable to being exposed to machine gun fire if you stuck you head up above ground, but I think it unlikely that anyone could find a person who would argue that being in a trench was a “happy” moment in their life.  The past 2 days have fraught with trenches and holes for Ryan and me.  We are building an addition to our shipping area and a breakroom for our awesome crew.  Yesterday, we trenched water and drain lines…in the POURING rain.  It rained so hard, we had to use a sump pump to drain our trenches.  Today, we have a company who specializes in drilling holes out here digging 54” deep, 2-foot-wide holes to set the posts in for the building.  Fortunately, it’s nice and sunny, and we have not bored into any water mains or electric lines.  I smelled gas from time to time, but I noticed Ryan eating chili for lunch, so I’ve not dialed 911…yet.
Next week, I plan to spend more time on the newsletter, giving you more information about our pest management program, and our increasing use of biocontrols.
Thanks so much for reading and take a look at the plants on our availability this week.  Plants make great gifts for the gardeners in people’s lives.  Consider offering your customers pre-assembled “packages” of plants you know perform well together.  We still have a lot to offer, even in December!  Have a wonderful week!



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