Whether you want to call this an ‘Indian Summer’, or perhaps an “Altweibersommer” if you speak German, the past couple days have been wonderful outside.  In fact, we were remarking yesterday afternoon that the weather really seemed perfect.  Today’s high in the Willamette Valley is forecast to reach 88°F, which feels just about right.  By Friday, temperatures will moderate back to the seasonally appropriate upper 60’s, with some showers and some sunny days ahead in the 15-day forecast.  All in all, that’s perfect weather in which to enjoy gardening, right?

I’m excited that our Open House for landscapers and landscape designers is coming on Friday, October 6th.  I hope many of you will be able to make it for an enjoyable day of tours, food, and connecting with colleagues.  We will have coffee and doughnuts starting at 7:15 am, and we’ll begin a lunch service at 11am.  Everything on the menu will be homemade, and many ingredients will come straight from our own garden here at Little Prince.

We have had a bountiful harvest this summer, and been able to share an abundance of fresh produce with a local food bank as well feed our own families.  Eating healthy, organic food has been a great treat!  We already have ideas about new fruits and veggies to try next year.  More corn and cantaloupe for starters and more seedless watermelon!  Our soil here at the nursery is a beautiful sandy loam that incredible for growing melons.  We are also excited to have our own bee hive next spring.  My dad raises bees as a hobby, and recently harvested the best honey I’ve ever tasted.  He’s helping me gather up supplies we’ll need, including the hives themselves.  We have an abundance of blackberries and clover fields nearby that should help our bees make some delicious honey.  Having the bees close-by will also help the pollination of fruits and vegetables in our garden.

We grow a plethora of plants here at Little Prince that are favorites of pollinators like honeybees, bumble bees and mason bees.  The Jewel of the Desert® Delospermas are on that list, as well as all the beautiful Sedums we grow here.  Bumble bees love the gorgeous Echinacea that are in bloom now in our FIT FOR A KING line.

Our availability is loaded with great plants that will give a boost to your ‘Altweibersommer’ sales, and as fall returns we’ve got you covered as well!  Again, this week, I’ve pictured varieties that make great containers when planted in combination, but don’t limit yourself to what I’ve pictured!  The possibilities are endless.  We have a broad selection of Planter Poppers® now too, so Little Prince has you covered both outdoors and indoors.

Finally, don’t forget about our collectable trading cards that our drivers pass out with every order.   You’ll get a Starbucks gift card when you collect 20 unique cards, and the first person to collect all 38 cards will earn lunch for your whole crew!




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