Apparently, Size Matters…

I was in Costco the other night and was amazed at the HD clarity and SIZE of some of the televisions that are being sold these days.  I remember back to my family’s 19” black and white tv when I was growing up, and also when we got a 27” color tv when I was in 6th grade.  That television seemed enormous, though I found it curious to learn that TV screens are measured on the diagonal…just to make them sound bigger.  Apparently, size matters!
I know size matters every morning when I get to Starbucks.  When confronted with the choice of tall, grande or venti, clearly I’m a venti man.  I love my coffee, and the bigger the better.  The same as true for fast food joints, which I’m happy to say I no longer visit.  You always have the opportunity to ‘SUPER-size’.
Size also matters to plant consumers, who appear to be demanding larger and larger pot sizes for the products we grow.  I’m happy to announce that Little Prince will be offering a solution which will satiate the desires of customers who value things super-sized.  In mid-2018, we will be offering a large selection of beautiful perennials in a gallon container.  I’d like your input on this as we decide what to offer in this new ‘Venti’ pot.  There may be things we already grow that you’d like to be able to buy larger pots of.  I want to hear your ideas so we can tailor this program to meet your needs.  We will of course surprise you with some plants you may not have seen before as well.  I love the fact that every year we add plants to our production that cause even seasoned plant nerds to utter a jaw dropping “OMG, What Is that?”
If you’re a landscaper or landscape designer, we want you to reserve the date of October 6th to come to our open house event.  As I mentioned last week, we will be having a similar event next spring for garden center buyers.  If you are able to attend this event, would you please send me an email at [email protected] so I can order enough champagne and caviar.  I’ve heard from about 30 people who will be attending so far.  Thanks for that!
We have a lot of beautiful plants out in the greenhouses this week.  As I walked through the nursery today, I was looking at some great plants to have around for fall container planting.  The Delosperma ‘Jewel of the Desert’ series came to mind, combined with Carex testacea or Cordyline ‘Red Star’  We have some gorgeous Echinacea in our FIT FOR A KING brand, and as always, our ferns look fabulous.  This is also a great time to put together mixed succulent containers, and besides the Ice Plants, we have loads of beautiful Semps, Sedums and Agave.  Finally,  I had a very enjoyable Saturday morning last week speaking at Pomarius Nursery in Portland’s Pearl District about the many succulents we grow at Little Prince.  Following my talk, they had a hands-on class where customers learned some great techniques for creating succulent planters.  It was a totally fun morning!  Great Bloody Mary before I went on stage too, thank you Wes!  I’m glad it was a Venti.  Size does matter, right?

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