Thank You SO MUCH!

It’s exciting to see all the new varieties we’ve added at Little Prince over the past year, with many more yet to come in 2018.  The biggest growth has come from the addition of dozens of new Sempervivums, including the Chick Charms® varieties.  Many of the Semps will be making their debut on our availability in early spring, but we have liners available for many cultivars now.  The first Chick Charms® liners will be available by January, but can be pre-booked now, to make sure you get what you want.  Shipping liners anywhere in the US has never been easier, and If you are able to pick them up at a major airport, Delta Air Cargo is fast and cheap!  Shipping via air cargo is usually under $10 per tray anywhere in the US, with a 3 box (12 tray) minimum for the best rates.   It’s also easier than ever to ship finished plants cross country.  We shipped pallets 5 pallets to New York last week for under $300 per pallet.  That’s under $4 per flat of 18 plants, or $.23 per plant.  We will work hard to find the best shipping rates available.  It may require being patient for a couple weeks to find a cheap ride, but we’re getting pretty good at it.  If you’re in a hurry, we also have very nice discounts with FedEx Freight.

We’ll be adding new varieties to our 4” perennials including new Yarrows, Pulmonaria, Phlox and more.  We’re always adding to our FIT FOR A KING® plants and in 2018 we’ll be rolling out new selections like Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’, Morina longifolia, Bletilla striata ‘Soryu’, many new Agave varieties, plus a whole lot more.

We will be adding a 1-gallon perennial program next year that will include both common plants and some of our FIT FOR A KING® plants.  We are excited to offer this new size, and plan to have our first crops available in late spring.

Check out the current crop photos pictured this week.  We have lots of beautiful plants ready to go right now.  The Sempervivums are really starting to show their extraordinary fall and winter colors!

Finally, a report on our fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Remember we set out to raise $25,000 during 2017.  It was a lofty goal, and with perseverance and generous contributions from many of you, we made it to $16,000 prior to the Ghostly Gala costume party and fundraiser held here on October 27th.  I’m very happy to report that we raised over $36,000 at the Gala, bringing our total to $51, 482 raised for the year.  That’s TWICE our goal!!!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your generous contributions to this vital cause.  With all our help, we can make an enormous difference in the lives of children and families fighting cancer.

If you have any special events going on over the holidays, I’d love to hear about them and help publicize them or attend myself.  Please send me an email and tell me your events, and as always, have an incredible week!




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