The Great Conjunction

Webster defines the word ‘conjunction’ as “the action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space.”  With this in mind, get ready for The Great Conjunction next week when the Solar eclipse meets the Farwest Show.  None of us who live in the path of the eclipse really have a clue what it’s actually going to be like.  Probably the only solid prediction I can make it that at precisely 10:19am, on August 21st, the sun will be totally eclipsed by the moon, and 3 minutes later, it will begin to reappear.  Predictions about traffic gridlock, fuel shortages, a complete collapse of civil order and the end of civilization as we know it may or may not come to fruition.  I am however, not planning to do much driving next weekend, though Ryan and I are setting up our booth on Sunday.  It will be interesting to see what traffic is like as we try to return south that evening.
If you are coming to the Farwest Show, we are looking forward to seeing you at our booth!  We have worked hard to create another spectacular display that is sure to make you smile and perhaps roll your eyes at our ingenuity gone wild!  Our theme is ***********, and the booth is a model %%%%%%%%%%%%.  We will be wearing artfully designed ##########and as always, having a lot of fun!  We’ve got some great ^^^^^^^^^^^ to give to you and you will for sure want to collect all of them!  Anyway, it sounds AMAZING, Right?  We can’t wait to see you and give you a free *&^&%^$#$%^&*)(*&!
We have hundreds of varieties of healthy, vibrant plants ready to ship next week.  Everything is beautiful and your customers will be happy to find fresh product on the benches to give their yards a mid-summer face lift.  I’m amazed at the quality of plants I see being pulled for orders that shipped this week.  It’s a testament to the dedication of our crew to keep things watered and cared for during the last few weeks of hot weather.  We look forward to seeing you at Farwest, and delivering a truckload of fabulous plants you really soon!

PS.  Sorry this was redacted a bit.  Apparently, the powers that be think that a million visitors to see the eclipse is all Portland can handle.  The additional visitors who want to get a glimpse of the Little Prince booth might be too overwhelming.  Well screw them and come anyway!  It will be extraordinary.

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