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Botanical Name Common Name Description
Agave parrasana 'Meat Claw' Meat Claw Agave
Agave parryi Parry's Agave
Agave parryi 'Cream Spike' Cream Spike Agave
Agave parryi 'J.C. Raulston' JC Raulston Agave
Agave parryi ssp. huachucensis Artichoke Agave
Agave parryi ssp. parryi Parry's Century Plant
Agave parryi ssp. truncata Parry's Truncate Agave
Agave potatorum 'Cameron Blue' Cameron Blue Agave
Agave potatorum 'Kichiokan' Kichiokan Agave
Agave salmiana 'Green Goblet' Green Goblet Agave
Agave schidigera Thread Leafed Agave
Agave schidigera 'Shiro Ito No Ohi' Queen of White Thread Agave
Agave striata Narrow Leafed Agave
Agave striata spp. striata
Agave striata ssp. falcata Flacate Needle-Leafed Agave
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