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Botanical Name Common Name Description
Yucca filamentosa 'Ivory Tower' Ivory Tower Yucca

Evergreen clumps of gray-green, sword-like leaves thrust up 6′ tall spikes of nodding, fragrant, white bell-shaped flowers. Very dramatic.

Yucca gloriosa 'Variegata' Spanish Dagger Yucca
Yucca harrimaniae Dwarf Harriman's Yucca
Yucca madrensis Mountain Yucca
Yucca rigida Silver Leafed Yucca
Yucca rostrata Beaked Yucca
Yucca rostrata 'Sapphire Skies' Sapphire Skies Yucca
Yucca rupicola Twisted Leaf Yucca
Yucca whipplei Chaparral Yucca
Zauschneria garrettii 'PWWG01S' Creeping Hummingbird Trumpet
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