Our Story

2017 marks the 20th year since Little Prince of Oregon was established, and we remain committed to our mission of contributing to our customer’s success. We are a wholesale nursery located in Aurora, Oregon. Our plant offerings include perennials, groundcovers, NW natives, succulents, ornamental grasses, ferns, and other rare and unusual plants. The Little Prince brand includes unique categories of plants, separated by how they are used in the garden or other distinct qualities. Our brand includes FOOT TRAFFIC PERENNIALS™, COMMON GROUND®, BLADES OF GLORY®, CLIFF HANGERS®, FIT FOR A KING®, GROUND CONTROL®, MADE IN THE SHADE, NATIVE GROUND®, and WATER MISERS®. We focus on serving retail garden centers, wholesale nurseries, and the landscape trade.

Cosmo deKanter

The nursery was started by two life-long friends, Ketch de Kanter, and Brett Francis, who envisioned creating a business that was a happy place to work, and could provide a stable income while still allowing for them to spend quality time with their families. The nursery’s first employee, Cosmo the yellow lab will be forever known as the crew’s best friend. He lived a great life for 15 years, and though he’s been gone for a few years now, we continue to honor him by allowing you to click on his picture and hear his bark.

Little Prince now employs over 30 people. In addition to our hard-working crew, Michael Hicks, our Nursery Manager/Head Grower, signed on in 2006 and Reggie Hunter joined us in the office in 2008. Ryan Seely joined us as Sales Manager in 2011, and Mark Leichty became our Director of Business Development in 2014. Brett Francis left LPO in 2006 but remains a good friend and consultant. In 1997, we started with 15,000 square feet of greenhouse space. We doubled that by 2002. In 2006, we expanded from 5 to 20 acres, and in 2008, we added a 30,000 square foot gutter connect greenhouse with a cooling system. We use this as our plug and stock house. Currently, we have over 160,000 square feet of greenhouse space.

Today, and as we move forward, we are committed to the values that have made us an industry leader in the production and distribution of superior plants. We are constantly working to improve production and eliminate availability problems by accurately estimating demand and forecasting future trends. We are working on developing the Little Prince brand into a household name in the gardening community. Recently, Maria Zampini wrote a feature article about Little Prince for Nursery Management Magazine, concluding that:

“If one were a betting man, placing a wager on the crowned frog and Little Prince of Oregon Nursery is a risk worth considering, as they seem to have  the complete package — quality production, customer service and a niche market with a pulse on the future. Noted scientist Jean Rostand once said, “Theories pass. The frog remains;” and likely so will Little Prince.”