Customer Testimonials

“Very clean facility, huge selection and very friendly and helpful staff.”

-Danielle Arthurs

“A variety of plants in a beautiful atmosphere. Thank you for the goodies.”

-Kris Muñoz

“Little Prince of Oregon is a terrific grower. They have interesting plants that keep my designs fresh and long living. Have Fun in the Garden!”

-Paul Taylor

“If one were a betting man, placing a wager on the crowned frog and Little Prince of Oregon Nursery is a risk worth considering, as they seem to have the complete package – quality production, customer service, and a niche market with a pulse on the future”

-Maria Zampini

“Little Prince is immaculate and vast and welcoming. I have purchased many of their plants throughout my gardening life never thinking I would be able to see where they were grown. They have been an ubiquitous part of my garden shopping experience so it’s nice to be able to connect the two worlds”

-Tamara Paulat