10,000 steps and a new shipping facility..

I’ve been trying to get 10,000 steps in every day in an effort to lose a little weight and build a little strength.  Working on the new shipping building has helped me exceed my goal on most days, and when I fall short, walking through the greenhouses looking at plants kills two birds with one stone, so to speak.  The shipping house is almost ready for use.  I’ve included a picture, so you can see what we’ve accomplished in a mere 5 weeks.  Ryan and I have been thankful for help from 4 guys on our crew to get the building finished in time for what seems to be an early shipping season.  These guys, along with 25 other people, make up our ELITE crew, who under the supervision of our superb Nursery Manager and Head Grower, Mike Hicks, get all the real WORK done around here!

As I walk though the greenhouses, the first thing that catches my eye this time of year is the beautiful liner trays that are ready to transplant now.  We sell liners all over the US, and now is the time to order if you want to have finished crops in time for spring.  The Sempervivum liners look incredible now, and we have many varieties of Chick Charms® ready to go now.  There are liners available for a plethora of plants varieties we grow here.  We box and ship both liners and finished plants all over the US.  I’ve mentioned before how economical it is to ship via Delta Air Cargo, if you want to save money by picking up your plants at a nearby airport.

We have a new supply of Live Trends® this week as well.  I’ve included a few pictures of those items this week.  A new round of Tillandsias is also ready now, including some really nice, large Xerographicas!

If you have time, I’d love to give you a tour of the nursery.  Send me an email, and we can arrange a time.  Check out the pictures and look over our availability.  This has been such a mild winter in the Northwest so far that gardeners are able to get out and plant already.  Make sure you have tempting plants for them to buy!





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