Crevice Gardens

Between a rock and a hard place…

It was such an honor to be invited to return for the second year in a row to the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival in Seattle to create one of the demonstration gardens on the main show floor. To be clear, I’m NOT a garden designer, and Little Prince is not in the garden design business. I am a plant nerd, and Little Prince, as you know, grows some absolutely fabulous plants. The goal of this years garden was to showcase our plants in a landscape setting. I considered many garden styles, but finally ended up creating a ‘crevice’ garden to show of our multitude of groundcovers and other appropriate plants in or FIT FOR A KING® brand. We had an immensely beautiful sculpture created for this garden by Stuart Kendall from Seattle Solstice.

Crevice gardening is in-vogue right now in the horticulture community. Simply put, the technique is a twist on a traditional rock garden where you take flat stones, tile pieces, or even broken chunks of concrete…really whatever you want… and set them vertically in a landscape to create crevices that can be planted, usually with a combination of groundcovers and other taller plants to give a vertical element to the garden. As in traditional rock gardens, drought tolerant plants are often used to plant a crevice garden, though it’s quite easy to install drip irrigation in the crevices prior to planting.

We literally have hundreds of plant varieties at Little Prince that are perfect candidates for crevice gardening, and a great selection of the taller shrubby plants that are perfect to give some height in the garden. Most of our FOOT TRAFFIC PERENNIALS, CLIFF HANGERS®, GROUND CONTROL®, BLADES OF GLORY® are perfect for crevice gardens. The many species and cultivars of Arctostaphylos are wonderful structural plants to plant amongst the crevices. The Corokia species we grow are also beautiful in crevice gardens.

I’ve included some pictures of our garden at the Flower Show, which won a Bronze Medal, BTW! I am also developing a presentation on crevice gardening that I’d be happy to give at garden centers that carry our plants. I also have presentations titled “Fantastic Groundcovers and Where to Find Them” “Gardening in Shade” and Successful Succulent Gardens” that I’d be happy to offer to garden centers. My schedule tends to fill up quickly, so if you’re interested, contact me soon if you want to schedule something in 2020.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to our garden in Seattle. Some 70,000 people saw first-hand how beautiful and well-grown Little Prince plants are, and they will be looking for our tags when they shop this spring. Do them a favor. Do yourself a favor! It’s spring and the time to sell plants is HERE, NOW!



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