Evel Knievel…

This week was the Northwest Nursery Buyers Association (NNBA) Fall meeting and trade show which was held in Portland this year. Little Prince was very well represented by Ryan and Joan, and the awesome booth they created won the Best of Show award, which as you know is par for the course here! We love these times where we get to actually meet and hang out with the people who buy and sell our plants at Garden Centers all over the Northwest. We value the partnership that’s been built with all of you over the past twenty-some years, and we love showing off all the new and cool plants we’re growing as well as the old standby’s you’ve come to rely on us for.

Last week was all about the Christmas Collection we’re sell now through the holidays. There is still time to order your Christmas wreaths, swags, baskets and other cool décor, but you better HURRY! We’re nearly sold out of a couple more items. I’ve left all the pics from last week as a little eye-candy for you as well as added back all the beautiful houseplants from our PRINCE OF PARADISE® brand that are available now.

When I was a boy growing up on a farm outside Albany, OR, I was more or less obsessed with sports. I lived and breathed playing, watching and talking about sports with my friends. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Auto Racing, Boxing, the list could go on and on. One show I never wanted to miss what ABC’s Wide World of Sports, hosted by the legendary sports announcer Jim McKay. If you ever watched this show, you’ll remember the classic line from the show intro, ‘the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat’. I wonder what psychological damage was done to the ski jumper who’s crash caught on film is now forever linked with “the agony of defeat’?

One iconic sports star that often got coverage on Wide World of Sports was Evel Knievel, who’s daredevil stunts jumping cars, busses, and canyons was totally epic, both for his successes and his failures. I’ll always remember being ‘glued to the tv’ as Evel took his warm-up passes, then attempted the jumps as everyone held their breath to see whether he cleared the jump or not. My recollection is that he made it most of the time. Knievel died of heart disease at age 69. Tomorrow, October 17 would be his 81st birthday. Rest in Peace Evel!

I get Evel Knievel’s motivation. At Little Prince, we too are very competitive, and we love breaking records. We love the challenge of creating new efficiencies in production and order fulfilment. We love trying to create the best booth at trade shows. We like to win, but when we don’t, we learn and keep trying. It’s awesome that we have a new best of show plaque to hang on our trophy wall. Now I wonder what we’ll do next!  Stay tuned!




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