Field Trips…

When I was a young boy in elementary school, the anticipation of a field trip was one of the best things I could imagine. Grand Prairie School where I attended grades 1-6 had special field trips planned annually for every grade level. In the fourth grade we went over to Corvallis to Oregon State University’s Horner Museum, which is housed in the lower levels of Gill Coliseum. Here I got to see Native American artifacts, animal skeletons, old guns, and much more. You know, the kind of things that get a young boy excited. In the 6th grade, we went to the Portland Zoo and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. What were those poor teachers thinking! Fortunately for them I think many of us fell asleep on the bus ride home.

We have enjoyed some Little Prince field trips over the past few weeks! 2 weeks ago, Joan and I got to stop at Pomarius Nursery and Pistils Nursery’s new location in NW Portland on our way to a marketing seminar. Last week Joan and Ryan stopped at Weber’s Wholesale Market in the Portland Flower Market, and Garden Fever in Portland. I know what you’re thinking right now. Why does Joan get to go on ALL the field trips? Right? I DO NOT know, but I’m looking into it, that’s for damn sure! Actually, who better to drop by and do a cute post on social media. She has certainly become our marketing girl extraordinaire! Well done, my young apprentice…lol

What we want to know now is where our next field trip will take us. What we’d love is if a few of you would invite us to come out and see you during the holiday season. We enjoy posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and will likely do a video that we’ll post on You Tube. I know many people see and like our posts, and those ‘likes’ translate into more customers visiting your garden centers. We want to drop by and see what y ’all have going on for the holidays. If you’d like us to stop by just send and email to [email protected], and she’ll get you on our schedule! Landscapers, we’d also love to come out and see a few of your amazing landscapes, so don’t be shy!

We have some great Christmas Items left, and lots of beautiful plants! I’ve highlighted some crazy-cool agave in photos this week, along with a newly released block of Chick Charms® ‘Gold Nugget’ in 2” and 4.5” Christmas is the season for giving. Make sure your customers can give some beautiful plants this holiday season, and we’ll see you on our next field trip, or at least Joan will!




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