“Happy New Year”… January 9th, 2019

This is the first newsletter of 2019, so first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Little Prince! We want to be your reliable partner in making this year a profitable one for everyone, by continuing to provide you with the most beautiful, healthiest plants available anywhere in the nursery industry. We are committed to be the very best at customer service, and we’re confident that plants bearing the crowned frog on their tag will be best-sellers in garden centers all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We’re proud of the fact that garden center buyers all over the US are seeing the value of carrying our plants, and we hope 2019 is a year of exciting growth in our brand recognition all over the US and Canada. Now, let me point out several major improvements at Little Prince that make our customer service and products even better!

First, the addition of Joan Dudney to our management staff in November has proven to be the best possible decision we could have made. Joan is full of great ideas to make your experience with Little Prince better than ever. She has worked diligently to make our website more useful, especially in the area of product descriptions and updated photos of our plants. Our goal is to make the website an indispensable resource for both you and your customers. Joan will also be helping Ryan out with sales and will be working with me in marketing. Specifically, she will be handling our new Instagram, and we’ll be working together on Facebook and our new YouTube channel. We’re excited about these new social media platforms and we encourage ALL of you follow us on each one and share our posts with your customers. I’m still posting on our Facebook every time I go into a garden center, like I did last weekend at Zenith Holland Nursery in Des Moines, Washington. That post had 100 likes, 229 post engagements, and was shared 15 times, IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! It was seen by 2968 additional people because I paid to ‘Boost’ the post. Little Prince is committed to assist you in marketing through all these various channels, and that’s a HUGE benefit you get just because you buy our plants.

The second great leap forward that will benefit you in 2019 and beyond is our investment in new infrastructure here at the nursery. Specifically, our new propagation greenhouse will increase our liner production by over 50%. Our plants will have better root systems than ever before due to the LED lighting in the greenhouse, which provides a light spectrum conducive to rapid rooting. We plan to increase our liner sales to other growers significantly in 2019. If you are a grower-retailer, I hope you take advantage of this! Our liners will help improve your bottom line in the coming year and beyond. We’ve also added 4 new general production greenhouses to meet the increasing demand for our plants.

Finally, were taking major steps to improve our distribution in 2019. We will have a 5th truck up and running soon, and it’s a beauty, with a handsome green box and very prominent frog logos all over it! You can’t miss it rolling down the freeway. With more trucks on the road, we’ll be able to service you even better than before. Another area of Joan’s expertise is shipping logistics, and she’s already helped customers save hundreds of dollars on freight costs for palletized shipments to the Midwest or East Coast. No matter where you are in the United States, Little Prince can provide you with fabulous plants delivered in a cost-effective way.

In the last newsletter, I mentioned our 2018 Froggy Awards, and I have some winners to announce. First, for the Nicest Garden Center Restroom, Pomarius Nursery in downtown Portland is the well-deserved winner. This year’s award for the most creatively named garden center or horticulture business goes to Garden Fever, also in Portland. Pomarius and Garden Fever will each receive 2 free flats of FIT FOR A KING® Plants on their first order in 2019. Finally, the award for the most creative Tillandsia display goes to Pistils Nursery, and they will receive a nice box of free Tillandsias, personally delivered with a bottle of our private label Cabernet Sauvignon.

We are so excited about every opportunity the new year brings and we look forward to continuing to be your trusted partner in Horticultural excellence!



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