“Late Snow”….February 28th, 2019

Driving in snow is not rocket science. I drive a Prius and get around just great, for goodness sake! There are just a couple of simple rules to follow.

Rule #1. GO SLOW! Don’t drive like a bat outta hell when it’s snowing. You’d think that would pretty much a no-brainer, yet I saw at least 50 cars in the ditch along Interstate 5 this morning on my way to work from Albany. Ironically, many of them were SUV’s, which leads me to rule 2.

Rule #2. Even if you drive an SUV, STFD! At least half of the vehicles I saw in the ditch were SUV’s. I laughed at them as I drove past, slowly, in my Prius.

Rule #3. Give yourself PLENTY of room in front of you, especially if you drive an SUV, because you’re probably DRIVING WAY TOO FAST! Brakes don’t work very well in snow and ice, so try not to use them!

We are getting a very late snow in the Willamette Valley this week. Eugene and Roseburg seem to be taking the brunt of the storm. Some areas will end up with as much as 3 feet by the end of the day. Friends of mine reported 15 inches even before the latest snowfall started last night. Crazy, right?! I talked to many folks in Seattle at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival last weekend who got between 30 and 40 inches during the snowstorm a couple weeks ago. Some still have a foot on the ground. There is a lot of pent up gardening energy out there that’s going to EXPLODE once the weather does turn, and it WILL turn. We are ready to supply you with beautiful plants just as soon as you are ready!

The Northwest Flower and Garden Festival was simply incredible! There were over 60,000 people in attendance over the 5 days of the show. Our garden even won a bronze medal, and we’re very proud of what we created. Our goal in being there was to showcase the plants we grow at Little Prince, so that gardeners will get ideas and seek our plant out in their local garden centers this spring. I heard from COUNTLESS gardeners that they look for the crowned frog logo, knowing that our plants are always going to be great performers in their landscape. The value that garden centers get from our unique and powerful branding is unmatched in the nursery industry, and the support you get from our sales and marketing staff is equally extraordinary. If you don’t follow our social media feed on Facebook and Instagram and share it with your customers, you are missing out on a GREAT OPPORTUNITY! Joan is doing such a great job at keeping Little Prince plants in the public eye in very creative ways, and we’re getting so many great comments and reviews! We also appreciate the a few of you share our posts regularly. Your support means so very much to us!

Joan and Mike will be on Garden Time TV this Saturday at 9:00 am, talking about our lovely Planter Poppers, and about our new propagation greenhouse. Little Prince is so fortunate to have THE VERY BEST Head Grower anywhere. If you are happy with the plants you get, thank Mike!

Have a great week, and remember to follow the rules, first of which is…BUY LITLLE PRINCE plants!




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