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When I was a boy, nothing excited me more than the opening day of trout season. I don’t know how old I was when I caught my first fish, but I’m sure it was long before I started school, and I think many of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life have not been in the classroom, but on the river.  My dad was an expert trout fisherman, and he patiently passed his skills on to me. I used to place my sister’s hula hoop in our large back yard and practice casting, and like a baseball pitcher learning to hit the strike zone, I became a master at hitting my target.

We used to make several trips over to the Alsea River in Oregon’s Coast Range each spring and fish for both Rainbow Trout that had been stocked in the river, and native Cutthroat Trout that were also plentiful.  I was elated to catch the stocked fish when I was younger, but by the time I was a teenager, I began to target the natives. I also really began to watch my dad fish. I learned to ‘read’ the water from him. There is a place on the upper middle fork of the Alsea we called ‘The Gravel Bar’, and Dad had a favorite spot that he had to wade out into to be able to fish.  I would watch him catch one trout after another in that spot, finally having to stop because he had his limit of 10 fish for the day. By the time I was in high school, my creel was as full at the end of the day as Dads, and I sometimes got the prize for the biggest fish too. There is nothing more delicious than fresh trout, and when we got home, my mom would prepare a wonderful feast from the day’s catch. As I got older, my fishing attention turned to steelhead and salmon. I had the opportunity to live for 2 years at Drift Creek Camp near Lincoln City, Oregon, where my passion grew, and the life lessons fishing has taught me came into sharp focus.

Those lessons have important carryovers into the business world. First, learning to ‘read the water’ is so crucial for success. In the business world, that means paying careful attention to trends in gardening. It means listening closely to customers and understanding what they are looking for. It could mean knowing where you should be targeting advertising efforts. Are you using social media effectively? Do you know where to look for new pools of customers?

Perhaps most importantly, it means having the right bait in the water. If you don’t have an ‘attractive lure’ you probably won’t catch many fish, or customers. In the Garden Center it means being clean and well organized. Customers won’t buy plants they can’t find, nor with they buy plants that don’t have a certain eye-catching appeal. That’s where Little Prince comes in! The quality of our plants, and the allure of our tags are an irresistible temptation to gardeners shopping for plants. Fishing has helped me understand the nature and science of attraction. While fish are attracted to bait by their senses of smell, sight, and feeling vibrations, your customers are primarily relying on their visual sense while they shop. Attractive and informative tags are a seductive bait to the gardener. Many of them even keep the tags for reference. Little Prince tags, with the cute crowned frog are ‘enticement snares’, silently shouting to customers, BUY ME!

So, welcome to Little Prince Bait and Tackle. We have everything you need to successfully catch every shopper that passes through your garden center. Please check out the pictures of our fabulous selection of lures available this week, and we look forward to your orders!


Happy Fishing!


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