Live Long and Prosper

I want to begin by saying a few things about Covid-19 and its impact on all of us in the Pacific Northwest.  Our position at Little Prince is that we should continue production as usual so that garden centers can get benches filled up in anticipation of strong sales this spring. While we remain optimistic about sales, we are also very aware of all the concerns for public safety. We’re personally trying hard to do all the things the medical community is recommending, (and frankly we should be doing anyway) like washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer when out and about in the community. We’re also of course paying attention to all the things that the CDC is telling us NOT to do. Since I’m the only REAL Star Trek nerd on site, I’ve taught the rest of the staff the traditional Vulcan greeting rather than a handshake, as seen in the accompanying photo. Reggie struggled a bit with finger position, but she’s catching on. The CDC also warns everyone to avoid touching your eyes, lips and mouth, and not to pick your nose. About the latter, I’m still wondering about the difference between a “scratch” and a “pick”? There’s a fine line there, you know. Watch this video with Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza if you need a refresher course!

The bottom line is that this situation is in flux and we’ll all adapt as needed to make this season as successful as possible. We may even see an uptick in Green Goods sales as consumers realize they may be cancelling vacations and making plans to stay home this summer. If you’re going to be home for the summer, why not do it in style in a beautiful garden, right?

On a brighter note, pun intended, our solar panels went online today at 9:37 AM! We are now selling excess electricity back to Portland General Electric. It’s so satisfying to me to watch the fans and roll-up sidewalls operate in the new greenhouses and know that it’s electricity being produced on our roof that is supplying the power. I have this COOL app on my phone that tells exactly how any Kilowatts we’re producing at any given time and also the cumulative production. It even tells how much CO₂ we’ve saved from being spewed into the environment. So far today, just over 100 pounds! It makes me feel so good about our environmental stewardship here at Little Prince. We’re neonicotinoid free, we use lots of beneficial organisms in a sustainable pest management program, and now we’re on our way to being carbon neutral. Global warming is REAL, and all of us need to act in responsible ways to minimize our impact on a fragile world.

Our plants look SO amazing right now you guys! Our 4-inch Perennials are beautiful, and our FOOT TRAFFIC PERENNIALS® are looking very nice too! No matter what you order, it’s gonna look spectacular! It’s time to fill those benches up.

Live Long and Prosper,


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