Olympic Dreams and World Records

I had a wonderful weekend-long birthday celebration on the Washington coast near Ocean Shores, Washington.  Among the many fun adventures we had was a visit to Quinault Lake Lodge, which has an elegant magnificence you must see to appreciate. The lodge is on the shores of Quinault Lake, which is part of the Quinault Indian Reservation.  The land surrounding the lake is part of the Olympic National Forest.  I love going to places that I’ve never been to, and this weekend was full of such moments!  I will return there sometime to stay in the lodge and fish the Quinault River, which apparently you can only do with a Quinault tribal guide.  About a quarter mile from the lodge, there is a trailhead that leads after a short hike to the world record Sitka Spruce tree, which has a butt circumference of over 57 feet!  The estimated age of this tree is over 1000 years.  There are 5 world record trees within 15 miles of the lodge.  A couple hours further north of Quinault Lake is the Hoh Rain Forest, which I understand is simply breathtaking in it’s beauty.  I can’t wait to go there!

After leaving the Olympics, we drove back to the beach house and watched The Olympics.  How cool is that, right?  You can bet I’ll be glued to NBC during the evening for the next two weeks.  Last night’s coverage of the snowboarding half-pipe was incredible.  Shaun White’s final run was EPIC to win the Gold Medal.  Granted, I’m still confused about the difference between a Fakie and a Poptart, and I don’t have a clue what a Super Mindy followed by a Pickpocket is, but it sounds bad.  Apparently there is a difference between a Nose-grab and a Nosepick..I can see that, I think?  The announcer kept talking a Mctwist and a Double Mctwist, and subconsciously I started getting hungry.  My imagination drifted away from Gold Medals and started down the slippery slope towards golden arches.  Hmmm  For a complete guide to snowboarding tricks, Click Here.

Speaking of gold medals,  We have many gold medal contender plants here at Little Prince.  Please look at the crop photos this week, especially the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners posing on the podium.




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