Persona non Grata…

I may be labelled ‘persona non grata’ at REI soon. I have purchased 4 pairs of shoes or boots over the past few weeks. I tried them on in the store and walked around with them on for a few minutes. That initial feeling in a pair of shoes is uber-important to me. I can usually tell right away whether they are comfortable. However, after wearing them for a day, I have returned each and every pair, because in the real world, they proved not to be up to snuff. To their credit, REI has been super-nice about it, and thankfully I’ve gotten different people at the return counter each time. I do, however, suspect that they may have written “difficult’ in my chart, and who can blame them!

A little history of my feet. I have really high arches and have had ankle reconstructive surgery on my right foot. I also broke my fifth metatarsal on my right foot, and there is a titanium plate and screws in that bone. My feet are totally weird. That’s why comfortable shoes are SO important to me. I think actually comfortable shoes are important to everyone, right? Think about how much time you spend on your feet each day. I get on average about 10,000 steps in each day. Having comfortable shoes makes all the difference in the quality of my day, just like a comfortable mattress makes all the difference in getting a great night’s sleep.

Think of Little Prince like the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ve ever worn. We try hard to make the quality of your day that much better. We hope that the health our plants and the great customer service you receive from us make your plant buying experience feel truly exceptional.

Make sure you order some 2” Chick Charms® ‘Gold Nugget’ this week before they are gone. They are only $2.99 and come with the Chick Charms® tag. Most garden centers are selling these for $8.99 to $10.99, so there’s a lot of profit potential in this gorgeous plant! Gold Nugget will figure prominently into the design of our garden this February at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. Over 70,000 people will see them there and will certainly be asking where they can buy them. I’d like to be able to tell them that EVERY garden center in the Northwest has them! It’s such a special plant, unique in its genus.

Mike also informed me today that our next Coniogramme emeiensis ‘Golden Zebra’ will be planted this week. That’s so exciting, because this is another one of those incredible and rare plants we’ve been able to source for you. Speaking of rare plants, there are a few Begonia soli-mutata left that you absolutely should drop everything right now and order. Seriously!

There is a plethora of cool plants to order now, from houseplants in our PRINCE OF PARADISE™ brand to fantastic groundcovers in our FOOT TRAFFIC PERENNIALS™, GROUND CONTROL®, and CLIFF HANGERS® brands. I know I’m going to buy some plants as gifts over the holidays. Me and a million other people. Are you ready?

Finally, I want to wish a very happy 87th birthday to my Dad, Wilmer Leichty. Dad, its because of your teaching that I can do many of the things I do at Little Prince every day, and I am grateful. Have a wonderful Birthday!




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