Summer Rayne

We had a busy weekend last weekend at a couple different events. Joan was able to attend an event at Al’s Garden Center in Sherwood, OR which featured Summer Rayne Oakes who was here promoting her new book “How to Make a Plant Love You: Cultivate Green Space in Your Home and Heart”. Summer Rayne is a fellow plant geek, fashion model, activist, entrepreneur…the list goes on. She attended  Cornell (ever heard of it?) where she studied entomology, natural resources and ecology. Her website, Homestead Brooklyn, is a valuable resource for every level of gardener, both indoor and outdoor. Here’s a brief description of her site by Summer Rayne.  “Homestead Brooklyn is my attempt to help us become more attuned to nature in the city through the simple things: a potted plant, a farmers market apple, or even a walk through the botanical gardens. I have a love for plants (if you can’t tell), so I focus on gardening indoors and outdoors, low-waste living, cooking healthy meals (including from what we grow and forage), and traveling with a purpose.”

I met Summer briefly at Cultivate this summer, and we tried to work out the logistics for her to visit Little Prince while she was here in the Northwest, but in the end the best laid plans fell through at the last minute. It’s an honor for us that she wanted to come and hopefully well get her here in the future. Joan went to the event at Al’s this weekend and had a nice photo op with her!

Meanwhile, in Seattle, I attended and helped with a fern sale sponsored by the Hardy Fern Foundation at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. If you’re at all interested in ferns, you should consider becoming a member of the HFF, or at least be aware of their website, which is a valuable resource for pteridologists all over the world… and, now you know how to spell pteridologists!

Speaking of FERNS, do we ever have some nice ones for you to order this week! If you haven’t ordered any Polypodium aureum ‘Blue Star’ yet, you certainly should! I love this fern, and it’s such a beautiful and easy houseplant fern, your customers will love it, and they will always remember and tell all their friends where they got it! You can thank me next time you see me. We posted a video on Facebook today about ‘Blue Star’, and a customer posted this comment. “This is a fantastic fern. I just transplanted my Blue Star to a 10- inch hanging basket, from an overcrowded 4-inch pot. It didn’t miss a beat, and just expanded like crazy. Mine hangs in a room with only LED shop lights for its light source. I’ve had it for over a year. By far the easiest fern I’ve ever had. I mix long fiber sphagnum moss, orchid bark, perlite, worm castings, and charcoal for its potting mix. I highly recommend these ferns.” Order your today!

While you’re at it, ALL of the tropical houseplant ferns look beautiful right now, and we have a great selection. From Davallia (Rabbit’s Foot Fern), to Hemionitis (Heart-leafed Fern) and Microsorum and MORE, we have it all.  Add in other great houseplants like Aloe, Dyckia, Mangave, Pellaea , Pilea, and a HUGE assortment of TENDER SUCCULENT PLANTER POPPERS® and Tillandsias, Little Prince has become your first stop for indoor plants!

Semps are looking great now too, and many are beginning to show outstanding winter color. It’s not too late to get an order of Hardy Fuchsias, and the timing is great to catch customers who are seeing Fuchsias at the height of their glory in Northwest gardens right now.

As always, thank you for reading and looking at the photos, and we look forward to fulfilling your dreams this week!




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