The Graduate…

We are really excited about some new plants offerings that I have not called a lot of attention to yet, but today they are going to get their 15 minutes of fame. The first group I want to mention is all of the Haworthia varieties we have on our current availability. I just love this plant because it is so easy to take care of! Frankly, all you have to do is plop it in a cute pot and enjoy it. Haworthia should not be watered until the soil is dry. That’s a rule, just like don’t take candy from strangers and don’t chew with your mouth open! Seriously, these tender succulents thrive on what seems like neglect to us. It’s even more crucial in the winter when they should go even longer between waterings. The key is that when you water them, water thoroughly. After that, it’s back to adoration and neglect until they get dry again. We have Haworthia species or cultivars in production, and we are now offering an assortment tray with 4 plants each of 8 assorted varieties. Also, ALL of our tender succulents can be purchased by variety and are listed separately on our “All Availability Future”. They come to you tagged with our adorable and informative tags in flats of 32, whether you buy the mixed PLANTER POPPERS™ assortment trays or a uniform flat of 1 variety. Succulents are continuing to grow in popularity, and the endless stream of new and cool varieties entering the marketplace continues to astound me. I can also tell you now what the NEXT big wave in horticulture is going to be. I’ll let you in on that little secret in the last paragraph!

I’m so excited to be heading down to San Diego next Tuesday and Wednesday to attend a book launch extravaganza for Jessica Cain’s new Succulent DIY book “Styling Succulent Designs and other Botanical Crafts”. Jessica is the owner of “In Succulent Love” in San Diego, and we are happy to have provided some beautiful succulents for both her book launch and also a couple television appearances she did last week in San Diego. It’s so fun to see our plants in the media spotlight!

Finally, I had a great conversation with Lloyd Traven from Peace Tree Farm in Pennsylvania this summer when he was out here for the Farwest Show. Lloyd was talking about how pop culture is indicative of trends in plants. Imagine this conversation just as it played out in the classic movie, “The Graduate”.

Lloyd: “I want to say one word to you, just one word”

Me: Yes sir?

Lloyd: Are you listening?

Me: Yes, I am.

Lloyd: Ferns

Ferns are everywhere in pop culture today. They are on fabrics, on lampshades, shower curtains, and in the name of popular shows like “Between two Ferns”. Ferns are pictured on coffee cups, file folders, and are even on the jerseys of the national rugby team of New Zealand, the All Blacks, who use the frond of a native tree fern for their team logo. Lloyd mentioned attending a seminar on forecasting trends in horticulture and apparently these indicators really do predict consumer demand for plants time and time again. You are fortunate, because we have ferns! Lots of ferns. Hardy ferns, tropical houseplant ferns, tree ferns, we’ve got you covered! You should see the lovely Eyelash Ferns that will be ready in early 2020, or the Heart-Leafed Ferns that will be beautiful and popular for Valentines Day. Check out our MADE IN THE SHADE™ and PRINCE OF PARADISE™ availabilities and add a few ferns to your order this week!



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