The Relentless Execution of the Fundamentals…

I apologize for not getting a newsletter out last week. I was invited to participate in a book launch party for author Jessica Cain’s new book “Stylish Succulent Designs & Other Botanical Crafts” (Page Street Publishing Co, Salem, MA, 2019) in San Diego last week. The event was held at a lovely intimate garden center called Landmark Plant Company in Encinitas. Little Prince provided 2” Planter Poppers for attendees to create some beautiful arrangements. It was so cool seeing the Little Prince frog being adored by everyone so far from home! I highly recommend Jessica’s book to any Garden Center buyer wanting to add a great selection to your library of books for sale. It would make a great Christmas gift for any gardener. The succulent craze enveloping the world is not going to go away. Millennial’s are completely in love with succulents, and why not? Succulents are beautiful and easy to care for, and succulent ‘influencers’ like Jessica have built up tremendous followings on Instagram and Facebook. Every garden center should consider ordering a large selection of our PLANTER POPPERS® now in preparation for the holiday season. Consider selling them as packages with a container and soil. What a great gift idea, right? Why not add to your Tillandsia collection now too. We have a great selection of air-plants now in anticipation of the Christmas season. Tillandsias make great Christmas tree ornaments, btw.

I just finished reading “The Cubs Way: The Zen of Building the Best Team in Baseball and Breaking the Curse” by Tom Verducci. If you’re a Cubs fan, this is an essential read. If you’re a baseball fan, it’s a great read. If you are a garden center owner or landscaper, you would glean some valuable insights into team building that could be helpful in running your business. The Cubs had not won a World Series for 108 years prior to their win over the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 World Series. The book is about how the Cubs President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein, built this ball team over the previous 4 years and gives practical ideas about what it takes to assemble not just a good team, but a championship team. One of my favorite quotes from the book comes from Manager, Joe Maddon, who said “When you come right down to these close moments between winning and losing, it’s the relentless execution of the fundamentals that wears the other team down” Wise words, and very applicable to Little Prince. We recognize that you have choices in where you buy plants. Let me say here that we have a great relationship with all the wholesale nurseries that you may buy plants from, and we don’t view them as adversaries at all. The part of Maddon’s quote about wearing the “other team” down is not the part that applies to Little Prince. It’s the relentless execution of the fundamentals that we are trying to master.

What are “the fundamentals” for a wholesale nursery? What about watering plants for starters? Did you know that for the most part, everything at Little Prince is hand watered by people whose training, and experience help us grow healthy plants that are not only beautiful but hold up on garden center benches and in the landscape.
I’ve mentioned before that our Head Grower, Mike Hicks has developed a pest management strategy here that uses a high percentage of biological controls rather than chemical controls. We believe this strategy is not only more effective, but it’s safer for the environment and for you and your customers. It’s definitely a selling point for our plants.
Another fundamental for any business is great customer service, and there Little Prince excels. No matter who you talk to, we are here to serve you and make your plant purchasing experience the best that it can be. We can often turn orders around the same day if you’re a landscaper in need of plants quickly to finish a job. For garden centers, depending on where you are, we can often have your plants on a truck the next day.

We are committed to the relentless execution of the fundamentals at Little Prince, and we will continue to improve…as long at the frog wears the crown.

Finally, you will notice that the availabilities attached to this newsletter are now protected with a password.  Apparently Alexa and Siri have been randomly posting our availability for the whole world to see. Bitches! For security reasons, we’ve added a password.That password is iwantplants, all one word, no spaces. Enjoy the photos this week, and keep in mind that I can’t picture everything. There are many plants on the availabilities that deserve a photo if there was more room!


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