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Image Botanical Name Common Name Description

Red Grass Tree

Cordyline australis 'Red Star' Red Grass Tree

An upright, palm-like, evergreen tree that produces several heads of narrow, reddish-bronze, sword-like leaves. Erect leaves droop down with age. Panicles of white flowers appear in late Spring, followed by small blue and white fruit.

Baby Sun Tickseed

Coreopsis grandiflora 'Baby Sun' Baby Sun Tickseed

Domino Tickseed

Coreopsis grandiflora 'Domino' Domino Tickseed

Early Sunrise Tickseed

Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise' Early Sunrise Tickseed

Blooms from late spring through fall, with semi-double yellow flowers and glossy foliage.

Sunfire Tickseed

Coreopsis grandiflora 'Sunfire' Sunfire Tickseed

Sunray Tickseed

Coreopsis grandiflora 'Sunray' Sunray Tickseed

Wire Netting Bush

Corokia cotoneaster Wire Netting Bush

An evergreen shrub or small tree, it features intricate zigzagging branches covered with small green leaves. In spring, tiny clusters of fragrant star-shaped yellow blossoms appear, followed by red or yellow berries.

Sunsplash Wire Bush

Corokia virgata 'Sunsplash' Sunsplash Wire Bush

Bright yellow and green variegated leaves on twisted, contorted branches. Evergreen shrub from New Zealand.

Coral Beauty Bearberry

Cotoneaster dammeri 'Coral Beauty' Coral Beauty Bearberry

Evergreen, small light green leaves that turn yellowish in Fall. Small, white, flowers are followed by persistent, orange-red berries in Fall. Attracts birds. This is an excellent ground cover plant. Deer resistant.

Lowfast Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster dammeri 'Lowfast' Lowfast Cotoneaster

Evergreen, dark green leaves. White flowers are followed by persistent dark red berries in Fall. Attracts birds. This is a great ground cover plant. Deer resistant.

Mooncreeper Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster dammeri 'Mooncreeper' Mooncreeper Cotoneaster

Evergreen, dark green leaves. Large, white flowers followed by persistent red berries in Fall. Attracts birds. This is an excellent ground cover plant. Deer resistant.

Grayleaf Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Grayleaf Cotoneaster

Displays smoky gray-green foliage on an evergreen shrub with arching branches. Clusters of snow-white flowers are followed by long-lasting red berries

Diablito Lily

Crocosmia 'Diablito™' Diablito Lily

Emily McKenzie Lily

Crocosmia x c. 'Emily McKenzie' Emily McKenzie Lily

Arching spikes of orange flowers with a maroon ring surrounding a yellow eye. Green, sword-like foliage. Divide every 3-4 years for best flower production.

George Davidson Crocosmia

Crocosmia x c. 'George Davidson' George Davidson Crocosmia

Upright spikes of lemony-yellow flowers bloom above green, sword-like foliage. Clump forming perennial that multiplies by creeping rhizomes. Divide every 3-4 years for best flower production.

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