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Image Botanical Name Common Name Description

Santa Cruz Century Plant

Agave flexiflora Santa Cruz Century Plant

Displays small, solitary rosettes of narrow, dark green, leaves adorned with chalky white, angular bands, along with curly white fibers.

Twin Leaved Agave

Agave geminiflora Twin Leaved Agave

A compact rosette of narrow, pointed, spine-free leaves. Evergreen.

Harvard's Agave

Agave havardiana Harvard's Agave

Harvard Agave usually grows as a single evergreen rosette with broad, near white-blue, powdery leaves. Attractive pink spines line the leaf margins and tip. Look but don’t touch.

Marbled Agave

Agave marmorata Marbled Agave

An unusual, mid-sized Agave with large, broad leaves. It is named “marmorata” (marbled) for the greyish marble-like hue and transverse zones that bar sometimes the leaves especially on specimens grown in full sun.

Mountain Agave

Agave montana Mountain Agave

Forms a tight solitary rosette of glaucous blue-green leaves that are lined with large teeth and have a terminal spine. Slow grower from the high mountains of Mexico.

Chahuiqui Century Plant

Agave multifilifera Chahuiqui Century Plant

Displays small, solitary rosettes of narrow, white striped leaves covered with fine white filaments. Hemispherical form.

Vanzie Agave

Agave ovatifolia 'Vanzie' Vanzie Agave

Palmer's Agave

Agave palmeri Palmer's Agave

Displays imposing rosettes of 4′, blue-gray, leathery, succulent leaves. This largest U.S Agave species exhibits red-topped teeth on the leaf margins.

Thread Leafed Agave

Agave schidigera Thread Leafed Agave

Hedgehog Agave

Agave stricta Hedgehog Agave

Unusual Agave displaying dense rosettes of narrow, spine-tipped blue-green leaves reminiscent of a curled-up hedgehog. Forms colonies. Exhibits tall, green to reddish flower spikes.

Weeping Agave

Agave tenuifolia Weeping Agave

Slender tufts of flexible, arching, blue-green foliage. Lax rosettes from loose clumps. Tolerates more moisture than most Agaves, but still requires good drainage.

Beautiful Miniature Agave

Agave toumeyana var. bella Beautiful Miniature Agave

A miniature Century plant with beautiful white striped leaves with curling white threads on the margins.  A rare and highly desirable variety for the water-wise garden!

Kaibab Plateau Agave

Agave utahensis ssp. kailabensis Kaibab Plateau Agave

Displays stout, solitary, fiercely spined, olive-green rosettes. Among the cold hardiest Agaves and slow-growing. From near the Grand Canyon.

Utah Agave

Agave utahensis ssp. utahensis Utah Agave

Small rosettes of narrow, blue-green leaves with tiny, marginal spines. Ideal for rock gardens and containers. From the Mojave Desert.

Carribean Agave

Agave vivipara Carribean Agave

Displays large, open rosettes of spear-like, blue-green leaves on short trunks. Forms many offsets.

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