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Image Botanical Name Common Name Description
Australian Violet Viola hederacea Australian Violet

White flowers with pale violet centers bloom above a creeping mat of glossy green foliage. Repeat bloomer.

Labrador Violet Viola labradorica Labrador Violet

A low tuft of purple-tinged leaves, with small purple violets in spring and fall. May continue blooming all summer in cool-summer regions.

Barren Strawberry Waldesteinia fragaroides Barren Strawberry

Mat forming plant with evergreen, light green foliage that turns bronze in winter. Yellow flowers. Deer resistant.

Crested Oriental Chain Fern Woodwardia orientalis Crested Oriental Chain Fern

Large, arching fronds have a feathery look. Tiny plantlets form on the fronds’ upper surfaces, and fall off to start new ferns.

Jeweled Chain Fern Woodwardia unigemmata Jeweled Chain Fern

Evergreen fern with arching, finely dissected fronds. New growth emerges bright red, eventually changing to medium green. Protect from drying winds.

Color Guard Adams Needle Yucca 'Color Guard' Color Guard Adam's Needle

Spiked, striped foliage of white and dark-green provides great architectural interest. Fragrant snow-white blooms in summer.

Golden Sword Adams Needle Yucca 'Golden Sword' Golden Sword Adam's Needle

Green and yellow striped sword-like leaves with spikes of fragrant, ivory white blooms in spring. Evergreen.

Banana Yucca Yucca baccata var. baccata Banana Yucca

Short, often multi-trunked Yucca forming rosettes of long, narrow, sharply pointed blue-gray leaves. Displays tall stalks of creamy flowers that attract pollinators. Develops banana-shaped edible fruits.

Blue Boy Yucca Yucca dismetiana 'Blue Boy' Blue Boy Yucca

Displays rigid, sword-shaped leaves which are gray-green and powdery-blue low in the clump. The leaves then turn a dusky purple as they arch out. swords turn more red in winter. Evergreen.

Bright Edge Yucca Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge' Bright Edge Yucca

This smaller Yucca displaying bold, upright, swordlike leaves edged in bright gold, and topped in season by large, fragrant, ivory blooms. Forms dramatic clumps.

Spanish Dagger Yucca treculeana Spanish Dagger

Very large, imposing Yucca featuring rosettes of rigid, boat-shaped, bayonet-like leaves, arranged around a thick trunk. Displays a huge spike of white flowers.

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